Trentino's landscape offers a magnificent opportunity to experience unique and genuine natural beauty.

Environmental protection in Trentino is a fundamental value that is shared by both its population and its institutions. This moral attention reflects itself in an effective attention to the preservation of the territory; in fact, about 17% of Trentino's territory, representing more than 103.000 hectares, is under environmental protection.

Regional biotopes are the most recent examples of this, but Trentino's natural protection can also count on nature reserves and its most significant, its natural parks. Parks are defined as: large natural areas characterised by high ecologic and landscape relevance. Trentino claims two provincial natural parks and a national one:

The nature parks and the protected territory have been structured and designed to respect the good-will of shared environmental protection but, at the same time, to offer a chance for economic growth to the territory and its population. Nature parks and protected areas are the result of policy and management which relies on dynamic environmental protection that provides benefits to both residents and to the environment. 

Trentino’s territory is often associated with the idea of green unspoiled spaces which provide a strong appeal to tourism for families and hikers that choose this area as holiday destination. It is an active but respectful use of the territory, that dynamically and creatively detaches itself from the static and outdated idea of nature park representing only an eco-museum.

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