Festival of Economics 2016, June, 2 - 5

Where Growth takes place

Planet earth is anything but flat. For the joy of cyclists, ski enthusiasts and rock-climbers, it presents no shortage of hills and dales to explore. But the world of economics is even more uneven than the peaks that emerge from the maps of the alpine range.


June 06, 2016

A sight on the future of global economy

“Grand finale” at the Trento Economics Festival with the 2001 Nobel Prize for Economics Michael Spence. Should we truly expect a long period of low rate economic growth all over the world? What are the perspectives for US, Europe, China, India and emerging countries? Can technology save our economies or on the contrary it is just destroying jobs? A wide range discussion between Michael Spence and Tito Boeri, scientific Director of the Festival, sparking from ideas emerged during the four days brainstorming in Trento.


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