Cooperative movement's operative tool

More than two hundred and twenty seven thousand individuals, in a population of approximately five hundred thousand inhabitants in Trentino, are members of cooperatives. This means that two families in every three are involved in the cooperative movement.

Not only that! If the number of existing cooperatives, a few more than six hundred, is compared with the number of municipal areas, 217, it is easy to understand how widespread the presence of the cooperative movement is in the Trentino communities. The extended entrenchment throughout the territory and its presence in almost all the economic activity sectors, with peaks of excellence at a national level, make Trentino a true “cooperative district” like few others in the world.

The Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione (Federation of Cooperation in Trentino) is the only official organization of its kind that represents, assists, protects and oversees the cooperative movement in the province of Trento. Its main activities:

  1. promotes the development of cooperation;
  2. helps improve the organization of cooperative enterprises;
  3. Ccoordinates the activity of cooperative enterprises;
  4. provides direction for cooperative action, especially towards marginalized groups, in the spirit of mutual cooperativeness within the community.

The Federation in this way aims to contribute towards the valorisation of the person, to increase moral and civil awareness, and to help increase social and economic progress of the local population.


April 18, 2012

The cooperative system (Source: The Federation of Cooperatives in Trentino)

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