Trentino is a land of extraordinary natural beauty with strong “roots” in its territory. The environment for the Trentino community is, in fact, a shared value to be protected and enhanced. Its natural estate is made up of breathtaking landscapes offered by mountains and lakes touched by a enchanting light.

But Trentino is not only a tourist destination, it is also ranked first among all Italian provinces for its quality of life, offering high level health and welfare structures for youths, families and elderly persons.

Quality of life

Source: Italia Oggi's 2010 survey

The Trentino community is well aware of its blessed and privileged conditions in the world stage and is also aware of the need to maintain it through entrepreneurship and everyday hard work.

It is exactly for this reason that Trentino is closely involved in international cooperation activities directed by a dedicated Provincial Ministry dealing with international solidarity issues and support for developing countries.



March 24, 2017

Internship for non-Eu citizens (Source: Cinformi Informative Centre for Immigration)

A newly released notice regarding the providing grants aimed to support individual internships

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August 17, 2016

Education and vocational training

Among the training sectors, catering is the most coveted by foreign students Read full article

June 30, 2016

Trento Joins the LEED Committee Meeting

The LEED Directing Committee received Mr. Ugo Rossi, president of Trento, at its 68th session held in Paris on 19th-20th May. Read full article

June 14, 2016

Strong families, strong communities

The inauguration of the the 63rd International Meeting ICCFR will be held on Friday, June 17, at 5.00 pm, in the Cooperation Hall, (via Segantini nr 10 – Trento). Read full article

June 06, 2016

11th edition of Trento Economics Festival closes its door

After a four days brainstorming on economics, mainly focused on the issue “where economic growth works”, it is time for a balance. Read full article

June 06, 2016

A sight on the future of global economy

“Grand finale” at the Trento Economics Festival with the 2001 Nobel Prize for Economics Michael Spence. Should we truly expect a long period of low rate economic growth all over the world? Read full article

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