The Association of Alpine States

Economic, social and environmental development of territories implies a wide range of consequences that cross national borders. ARGE ALP was established on October 12 1972 in Mösern, Tyrol,  in order to create a context in which neighboring countries of the Alps could share, in an cross-border perspective and mutual collaboration, views on ecological, cultural, social and economic issues.

ARGE ALP' s members:

  • Austria: Salzburg, Tyrol, and Vorarlberg; 
  • Germany: Bavaria; 
  • Italy: South Tyrol- Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Lombardy, and Trentino-Autonomus Province of Trento; 
  • Switzerland: Graubünden, St. Gallen and Ticino;

This association mainly deals with the following topics:

  • Alpine area's safety and development through its environmental protection and the preservation of the ecological balance;
  • Combination of methods for territorial planning and its goals;
  • Coordination in the planning of infrastructural interventions about trans-alpine railway and road traffic, with particular attention to heavy transports dissipation;
  • Enhancing economic cooperation, especially for the creation of employment;
  • The preservation of the rich culturale heritage of this area, promoting, at the same time, the creation of contemporary work of art;
  • Health preservation and family promotion;
  • Fostering European integration;

For further information please visit ARGE ALP's website (available in Italian and in German)


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