The Autonomous Province of Trento

The Autonomous Province of Trento’s budget

The Statute of the Autonomous Province of Trento allows it to autonomously manage its own financial resources, around € 4.5 billion a year. The Autonomous Province of Trento is responsible for practically all the areas and services managed by Italian central government in other areas.

This has allowed Trentino to deal with the difficult economic situation in Italy and Europe in a dynamic way, putting into effect prompt and innovative solutions capable of containing and controlling the negative effects of the crisis.

Trentino can thus count on:

  • a good level of economic wellbeing, with a per capita GDP higher than the Italian average;
  • an unemployment rate in line with the best European areas;
  • good social cohesion, favouring collaboration at all levels in order to set out the development strategy for the area;
  • consolidated investment in research and development, with areas of excellence represented by our research institutes and universities;
  • a good level of schooling, with major mobilisation of resources (more than 670 million euro, borne entirely by the Province) in order to transform schools in Trentino into a model of reference in line with European standards;
  • a welfare system in line with the most advanced policy at European level.