The Autonomous Province of Trento

Key cultural attributes: efficiency and responsibility

The keywords guiding the development of the Autonomous Province of Trento are autonomy and responsibility on the one hand and employment and social citizenship on the other.

Autonomy is the driving force for area development and the local community is responsible for the resources generating it. Employment, particularly high quality employment, is in turn the central factor in creating opportunities for citizens to have full and fulfilling lives and increases the sense of belonging to the community.

The central idea guiding the choices involved in outlining the future of Trentino is that innovation is the driving force for development and employment. Thanks to the jurisdiction given to Trentino by the Statute of Autonomy, innovation is understood as an all-pervasive concept, thus including technical innovation, but also innovation in the fields of organisation and management and in the social field, cohesion being the ultimate objective.

The underlying concepts guiding Trentino’s choices for the future are:

  • promotion of a large scale network economy, to exploit the opportunities present in markets outside the province;
  • promotion of changes in the model of reference for the public administration, in order to better respond to the needs of citizens and businesses, but also to reduce the overall burden of the public sector;
  • development of an inclusive and united society, which allows all its members to participate actively, with a further evolution in welfare policy.