The Autonomous Province of Trento

Innovation in public administration

For some time the Autonomous Province of Trento has considered the streamlining of administrative procedures and the computerisation of services for businesses and residents to be essential for recovering competitiveness in terms of pursuing greater organisational efficiency at a lower cost.

As regards computerisation and reducing the time necessary for bureaucratic procedures, in recent years concrete and significant steps forward have been taken. For example, in 2013 the average time necessary to conclude administrative procedures was 44 days (as compared to an average of 54 days in 2012).

The extraordinary plan of action underway to reduce bureaucracy for businesses (with a reduction of 25% in the “costs” of procedures for companies) provides for increasingly extensive use of telecommunications technology and continuing simplification of procedures, particularly in sectors considered to be strategic (including aid for businesses, families and agriculture). Furthermore, in 2013 93% of payments to creditors by the public administration were accomplished within 30 days of termination of the procedure. Moreover, it should be underlined that the average time required for payment of creditors by the public administration is 10 days.