Autonomous Province of Trento's Social Housing Company

ITEA Spa thus creates a housing supply satisfying the needs of people without means to afford real estate market.

ITEA Spa, together with the Autonomous Province of Trento and the local Authorities, plays a very important role in the implementation of housing policy.

Itea was born as “Autonomous Institute for Social Housing in Trento province” (Royal Act, 31th July 1922). Nowadays it’s a public society entirely owned by the Autonomous Province of Trento, and it has legal form of a joint-stock company with organizational, patrimonial and accounting autonomy.

Itea implements public residential housing projects and manage its own estates. It builds social houses, it purchases and restructures buildings for residential and public purposes, and it realises urbanizations. Itea manages 10.677 flats of social housing and 5.938 units with no housing function: offices, stores, social spaces, and garages.

The law establishes that social housing interventions have to take into account at the same time urban and social worthiness:

  1. urban worthiness: recovery and urban requalification in districts marked with houses degradation, with poor urban environment, or with deficiency of services, and the restocking of areas even through the conversion of their use.
  2. social worthiness: resolution of urgent cases of housing necessity and leasehold allocation of public flats to citizens, in relation both to low economical conditions and to new demographic phenomena (population ageing, family breakdown, sensitive increase of families with one or two members, migratory flows...).

In 2007 the Autonomous Province of Trento approved a special plan defining the guideline for the Itea’s houses construction for the years 2008-2017. This “Extraordinary Plan for social housing” rules to build the 10% of the total number of planned flats in the decade (nr. 3.000) using timber frame. In 2009 Itea realized a prototype of sustainable house called Green Model House, and the company started to improve this project in its constructions.


February 03, 2014

Sustainable social housing: a case study from Trentino (Source: ITEA Spa)

Keywords: Quèbec, social housing, sustainability, green, Trentino

The workshop "The future of social housing: environmental and social challenges and the way forward" will take place in Geneva, 4-5 February 2014

  • January 10, 2014

    New prospectives for wood building in social housing areas On the 24th of October 2013, Itea, Arca Casa Legno Srl (Trentino Sviluppo) and Distretto Tecnologico Trentino signed up for a “Memorandum of Understanding” to use Arca certification in projects of social housing.

  • November 16, 2012

    Trentino-Quebec: wood social housing agreement ITEA, Trentino’s Social Housing Society, and SHQ, Société d'habitation du Québec, undersigned an important technical collaboration agreement for wood social and communal housing.



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