The Provincial Agency for Energy (APE), carries out the following duties and functions:

a) technical and administrative consulting and support for the Provincial Giunta on issues related to energy and energetic planning;

b) promotion of coordination initiatives for enterprises allocating energetic services of public interest and helping their users;

c) collection and analysis of data and information supporting the local energetic planning and the evaluation of the organisation and status of the services allocated on the territory;

d) electric power management for what concerns Province’s duties according to the Special Statute law;

e) implementation of the Provincial incentive law related to the energy’s sector and in particular to energy saving and energetic effectiveness in end uses;

f) distribution of licences and grants under Province’s jurisdiction according to State and Province’s law on energy’s issues, as well as surveillance and control of subjects owning them;

g) promotion of energy saving and effectiveness in end uses, also through research, experimentation, carrying out or funding of projects and interventions to public users defined by the allocation plan foreseen by the provincial law n.4 of the 6 March 1998, article 21;

h) grants to local authorities for the carrying out of projects and plans aimed at the accomplishment of provincial electrical system infrastructures and at the maintenance of said infrastructures for city planning or landscape reasons, according to modalities defined by the Provincial Council;

i) grants to local authorities aimed at capital injections, pointing to the implementation of initiatives for the accomplishment of the provincial network of natural gas, according to modalities defined by the Provincial Council;



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