Mr. Ugo Rossi

President of the Autonomous Province of Trento


  • financial affairs;
  • institutional affairs;
  • protection and promotion of linguistic minorities;
  • organisation, personnel, simplification of administrative, information systems and telecommunications;
  • functions delegated by the State in the field of communication systems;
  • information and communication;
  • subsidiaries and affiliates;
  • the Forest Service;
  • actions referred to the regional law November 5, 1968 , n. 40;
  • civil protection, limited to matters reserved to the President of the Province of Article 7 of the provincial law July 1, 2011 , no. 9;
  • emigration;
  • programming;
  • economic policy guidelines and coordination of related actions, including relations with Trentino Sviluppo;
  • family policies;
  • nurseries;
  • play schools;
  • school buildings, where not attributed to the Councillor for public works, environment, transport and energy;
  • elementary and secondary education (secondary, classical, scientific, teachers' training, technical, professional and artistic);
  • educational assistance;
  • basic vocational training;
  • international relations;
  • relations with the European Union, cross-border and interregional cooperation;
  • as well as those not specifically attributed to individual Councillors.


Ugo Rossi was born on May 29, 1963 in Milan, where his parents emigrated in the 50s from Ossana, in Val di Sole. He is married with one son and lives in Lavis.

After earning his law degree his professional life develops in two directions: first in the insurance industry, where he worked on legal issues relating to the settlement of large claims, in Milan and Verona. Then, in 1997, at the Trent Male Railroad (now Trentino SpA transport), for which he served as Director of Personnel and Manager in charge of organising the bus and rail service, and then as quality and staff training Manager.

In 1999, he began his political career in the PATT list. Following the provincial congress of 2002, which he organised, he was appointed as party Secretary for organisation .

In 2004, he was proposed as PATT candidate for Trentino in the SVP list in the European elections, in support of the candidacy of Hon. Ebner, who was later elected to the European Parliament. In 2005, Congress elected him as Provincial Secretary for Baselga di Pinè.

As Member of the Joint Committee of the Twelve from 2006 to 2008, he was among those who removed, among others, the implementation rule which finally opened up the availability of hydroelectric power plants in Trentino.

Following the results of the provincial elections of 2008 - which opened the 14th legislature – Rossi became Provincial Councilor for health and social policies in the Council led by Lorenzo Dellai. His commitment is shown particularly in the launching of health care reform (July 2010) and the Law on Family and Family Welfare (March 2011), as well as the completion of the process which introduced the minimum income guarantee in Trentino (which made Trentino a forerunner in Italy with regards to the application of this welfare measure). Also during his period as Councillor came the establishment of a proton therapy center in Trento and the initiation of the construction of the new provincial hospital.

Rossi was elected president of the Autonomous Province of Trento at the provincial elections of 27 October 2013 and by proclamation on 9 November, the start date of the 15th provincial legislature.



Piazza Dante, 15

I-38122 TRENTO

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