The Autonomous Province of Trento's organisational structure is currently undergoing several reforms aimed at cutting unnecessary expenses and increasing efficiency in human and financial resources.

Here below is provided a list of the Province's new departments:

Autonomous Province of Trento General Manager: Mr. Paolo Nicoletti

Autonomous Province of Trento Legal Service: Mr. Nicolò Pedrazzoli

Department for Financial Issues: Ms. Fulvia Deanesi

Department for Institutional and Legislative Affairs: Mr. Fabio Scalet

Department for Culture, Tourism, Promotion and Sport: Mr. Sergio Bettotti

Department for Knowledge: Ms. Livia Ferrario

Department for Economic Development and Work: Mr. Claudio Moser

Department for Infrastructures and Mobility: Mr. Raffaele De Col

Department for Health and Social Solidarity: Mr. Silvio Fedrigotti

Department for Organisation, Staff and General Affairs: Mr. Luca Comper

Department for Civil Protection: Mr. Roberto Bertoldi

Department for Territory, Agriculture, Environment and Forestry: Mr. Romano Masè

The Provincial Giunta has also appointed:

  • Mr. Fabio Berlanda as General Manager for the Provincial Energy Agency (APE)
  • Ms. Laura Boschini as General Manager for the Provincial Agency for the Environmental Protection (APPA)
  • Mr. Raffaele Farella as Internationalisation and Foreign Promotion Manager
  • Ms. Marilena Defrancesco as Director of Special Administration for the organisation of major events

Provincial bodies working in the field of cultural heritage:

The Soprintendenza per i Beni Storico-Artistici (body in charge of issues related to artistic and historical heritage) and the Soprintendenza per i Beni Librari, Archivistici e Archeologici (body in charge of issues related to books, archives and archeological heritage).

The Provincial body in charge of international solidarity and emigration related issues is the Servizio emigrazione e solidarietà internazionale.