Infrastructures and strategic projects

Telecommunication infrastructures

The Trentino Digitale Project and the fibre optic system

The Autonomous Province of Trento, thanks to extraordinary efforts and investments, has launched a project called “Trentino Digitale” project. It is a fibre optic system almost 900 Km long, reaching all the municipalities, and it is nearing completion. The system represents a wireless network with more than 700 access points capable of reaching even the most remote corners of the province, such as mountain refuges, for example.

By the end of 2012 Trentino will be the only province in Italy in which 100% of the population has access to broadband services and an advanced telecommunications infrastructure providing connectivity services at a speed of 20 mbps to businesses and residents. The new communications structure will be among the most extensive in Europe and will make it possible to offer innovative services, such as telediagnosis for hospitals and a single digital health system capable of managing prescriptions, clinical records and examinations.

Businesses will be able to offer and benefit from innovative services and young people will have opportunities to access “world-wide” knowledge.