Infrastructures and strategic projects

Brennero motorway

Brennero motorway, also known as A22 and as the Modena-Brennero Highway, thanks to its 313,5 Km is one of the main transits connecting Italy with North Europe; it can count on 23 toll stations and 23 rest areas. It has a share capital of Euro 55.472.175 and the Autonomous Province of Trento is one of its shareholders.

Travellers and workers driving from the rest of Italy and going abroad, often chose this highway for its high quality services and facilities and for its high degree of safety. The same reasons support the traffic coming from abroad and going to Italy.

In fact, the A22 road surface is made of a special low-noise asphalt (DFAS). This combination of materials has been created to ensure greater safety and comfort on the motorway even during bad weather conditions. The only exceptions are tunnels, bridges and viaducts (extending over a total length of approximately 15 miles) which have been covered in an anti-skid surface for winter operations on the motorway.

The President and Managing Director of Autostrada del Brennero Spa attest that the Quality and Environmental Integrated management System in compliance with the International norms ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 applicable to "activities related to motorway management and planning of road works” has been implemented.
The objectives of the Management System:

  • safeguarding and improving the quality and safety standards of customer service and  environmental performance; 
  • ensuring compliance with mandatory laws regarding the environment; 
  • highlighting and providing continuity to the commitments made in quality and environmental issues, with prevention as a priority.