A frontier land, with a perfect balance between Italian traditions and its Austro-Hungarian past, Trentino is situated in the heart of the Alps, straddling two of the most highly developed areas in Europe: the Po valley and Bavaria.

Its particular geographical position makes the area a natural production and technological platform for international business and an ideal hub for exchanges between southern and continental Europe.

The link between northern and southern Europe is promoted through significant investment in reinforcing the system of road links along valleys, with scrupulous respect for environmental compatibility, thanks to the Brennero motorway and through the extraordinary commitment of the provincial government to doubling the Brennero railway link, with a view to the creation of the new base tunnel (the website is in Italian and German) which will link Alto Adige to Austria.

Once work has been completed, it will be possible to increase the number of trains passing daily (from 130 to 400) and hence the development of high speed railways, allowing the growth of intermodal transport and integration of Trentino’s economic and territorial system within an extended Europe.

In addition to this, there has been investment in renewing road links between the valleys in Trentino and the city of Trento, today heavily trafficked, and to guarantee a widespread public transport network, including the railway system, throughout the whole of the province.

Trentino is also served by Verona airport, one of the most important airports in north-eastern Italy (the Autonomous Province of Trento is a shareholder).

In terms of development strategy, the Province has made an extraordinary effort to develop the most up-to-date telecommunications infrastructures, capable of linking up the whole of Trentino:

  • more than 1,000 kilometres of fibre laid;
  • the highest percentage of users with access to ADSL2+ in Italy;
  • 5 industrial districts served by fiber optics, to which a further 7 will be added in the next two years;
  • 500 free wi-fi access points available in the area.

Brennero motorway

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Telecommunication infrastructures

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