The Trento Festival of Economics success

Trento Festival of Economics 8th edition reached a huge success. James Mirrlees, the second Nobel Laureate participating in this event closed 2013 edition "Sovereignty in conflict" discussing the viability of abandoning the Euro.

The 8th edition of Trento Festival of Economics took place on 30 May to 2nd June 2013. The event focused on the theme “Sovereignty in conflict” and featured journalists, decision makers, and famous economists.

During the four days several interesting and authoritative speeches: on the first day of the festival Nobel Laureate Michael Spence dealt with the issue "Government of the global manufacturing chain" in a crowded Teatro Sociale; on the second day the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank Kaushik Basu discussed in his panel the role merging economies and the global crisis; the third day registered a huge success of audience for the arrive of Roberto Saviano, Italy Prime Minister Enrico Letta and Angel Burria, Secretary General of the OECD, who made this event an unmissable opportunity of sharing views on our common future.


June 02, 2013

"Threatening to abandon the Euro to negotiate with Germany"

"Abandoning the euro means fleeing. The crisis can be faced by resisting and fighting, but countries that choose to fight should do so while also considering the option of flight". Sir James Mirrlees does not wish to call it "blackmail", he prefers the term “negotiation". Naturally the countries that should negotiate with Germany and the ECB are those in deepest recession and with the highest levels of unemployment, for whom there can be no way out of the crisis without governmental expansion policy, accompanied by cuts in taxes and the salaries of less qualified workers in order to support full employment. Opened on Thursday by the Nobel Prize winner Michael Spence, the Festival of Economics ended today with another Nobel laureate, James Mirrlees, and with the “subject of the day”, the possible exit strategy of some countries from the eurozone.



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