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The Agenzia del Lavoro, or Employment Agency, is the department of the Autonomous Province of Trento responsible for implementing actions related to employment policy, according to the provincial Development Programme.

The management structure of the Agency allows high levels of participation and consultation: indeed the management board includes experts on employment, together  with representatives of the trade unions, employers’ and entrepreneurial organisations and the provincial government. Through the action outlined in the Employment Policy Plan the Agency pursues the following employment policy objects:

  • effectively implementing the right to work, by promoting regular, qualified and secure employment on the basis of workplace health and safety regulations;
  • increasing the participation of all categories in the employment market, with particular reference to the employment  of women, by offering financial incentives to companies that hire workers with employment difficulties and action that facilitates employment and the maintaining of employment levels;
  • improving the vocational skills of workers throughout their working life, through training activities for unemployed workers and continuing training initiatives for those already in jobs;
  • facilitating the entry and permanence of young people to qualified jobs in the employment market, also through apprenticeship contracts;
  • facilitating the recruiting of qualified workers by businesses through an efficient and free advice service and by bringing together supply and demand;
  • promoting the employment and social inclusion of disabled workers or those finding it difficult to get jobs;
  • guaranteeing the provision of income support measures for workers who have been temporarily laid off or who have lost their jobs due to the economic crisis.

The Employment Agency is the point of reference for workers and businesses, thanks to the activities of local Job Centres distributed throughout the province.




July 12, 2012

Final conference of Trace LLP Project: Trento 11 July (Source: Employment Agency)

According to employment sector experts coming from: Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom and Portugal, and participating in the final conference of TRACE project: “Europe must define common objectives to assure rehabilitation to unemployed workers.


April 24, 2012

Flexibility and training against crisis

Employment Agency's plan of action to support employment in the period 2011 - 2013 Read full article

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