Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo- photo by Romano Magrone

Trentino: Taste of Dolomites

Trentino produces both red and white wines of renowned excellence, and is also the largest producer of spumante (sparking wine) in Italy, selling over 7 million bottles each year worldwide. With more than 10,000 hectares of vineyards, this is the most important mountainous wine production area in Italy and Europe (according to the EU classification).

In order to promote Trentino wines on foreign markets, the Autonomous Province of Trento, together with some specialised partners, organised some promotional events: Trentino Wines Week in New YorkThe Zurich event,  Moscow, Russia. The activity related to Trentino wines promotion on international market will carry on in 2014 too, in fact, next year Consorzio di tutela will coordinate the actions aimed to American, Russian and Swiss markets, to further consolidate Trentino oenology brand. 

Trentino wines in Zurich, walk around tasting

Trentino wines in Zurich, walk around tasting

Many studies have been conducted to explain the virtuous relationship between the mountains and vine growing, with the natural elements of the latitude and height above sea level being the crucial criteria to find the right position for the “perfect” vineyard.

Trentino is the most northern province in Italy, and is an entirely mountainous area with 80% of its surface above 600 meters, which makes it quite unique for wine production, creating wines with very special flavours and bouquets, marked by their freshness, authenticity and their strong bond with the land.

Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo- photo by Carlo Baroni

One of the crowning glories of Trentino wine production is Trentodoc, a classic mountain method, with 90% of its production supplying the home market and the remaining 10% exported to Europe and beyond. The TRENTODOC 

Institute was set up in 1984 to safeguard the quality, source, method and distribution of sparkling wines guaranteed to have been produced in Trentino using the Classic Method (Metodo Classico).

However, there is also excellent production of indigenous still wines, which are typical representatives of the area. 

some Trentino wines at Zurich event

The “casket” which conserves the most important and valued editions is the “Palazzo Roccabruna Provincial Wine Cellar”, this 16th century noble palazzo in the historic heart of Trento offers a journey to discover the local wines such as Nosiola, Müller Thurgau, Marzemino, Teroldego Rotaliano and Vin Santo, all strictly Trentino D.O.C.

 There is then the grappa: there are three main types, those made from aromatic grapes, those which will be aged and those made from mixed marc. The Trentino Grappa Protection Institute, which is identified by the trident symbol, was founded in 1960 to promote grappa and guarantee its quality, and now counts 29 producers among its members.

Wine & Mountains program, success on international markets

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