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In 2013 the Trentino Film Commision gained important acknowledgments as the participation of the two movies La prima neve by Andrea Serge and Piccola Patria by Alessandro Rossetto funded by it, in the section "Orizzonti" at Venice Film Festival 2013.

Always in 2013, two movies shot in Trentino and supported by Trentino Film Commission,  participated in two of world's most relevant cinema competitions. The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars was in Academy awards' short list and won Tribeca Film Festival's Best Narrative Short awardThere Will Come a Dayinstead participated in 2013 Sundance Film Festival in the section "World Cinema Dramatic Competition".

Trentino Film Commission offers free-of-charge assistance to national and international cinema and TV productions, as well as documentaries, capable of spreading awareness and appreciation of the cultural, scenic and historic heritage and assets of Trentino.

Discover what Trentino Film Commission can do for you watching Maria Grazia Cucinotta speaking of Maldamore movie:


Trentino landscape lends itself to a vast range of scenarios, from the Dolomites mountains to Lake Garda, with its castles, villages and towns, farms and mansions in a vast panorama of nature and architecture, history and modernity and many other possibilities. 

Thanks to firmly established networks in its territory, Trentino Film Commision can provide the following services: location scouting, contacts with local professionals, institutions, public administration and law enforcement, facilitation of permit processes, hospitality and accommodation, production facilities and support in locating logistical and technical solutions.

At the same time, the Trentino Film Commission is actively assisting the development of the local audiovisual industry and the establishment of educational programs that serve to continuously enhance the qualifications of professionals active in its territory.  

In 2013, the funds for supporting productions are set at a level of EUR 930.000.

A selection committee meets every three months to evaluate all applications for funding received up to that time.    
Trentino Film Commission is promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento and by Trentino Sviluppo spa department for tourism and promotion, in collaboration with the Foundation for the History Museum Trento and Trento University.  

The heart of the Film Commission is Format, the Center for Audiovisual Media of the Autonomous Province of Trento, located in via Zanella, adjacent to the city's CathedralSquare.

For further information and services go to: Trentino best location database and to Trentino Professional database


February 13, 2015

Official launch of the 2015 Trentino Film Commission Fund (Source: Trentino Film Commission)

Keywords: film commission, funding, trentino

The first funding application deadline is set on February 20, 2015


June 28, 2013

Maldamore movie’s shooting in Trentino

The shootings of Maldamore movie, based on the same name play and directed by Angelo Longoni, are currently taking place in Trentino and will last one month more. Read full article

June 04, 2013

Trentino Film Commission at Nastro D'Argento movie award

Four movies shot in Trentino and supported by Trentino Film Commission in competition at Nastri D’Argento movie award. Read full article

May 09, 2013

The 9 movies winners of Trentino Film Commission Film Fund

In the last session of TFC film fund, Trentino Film Commission received 34 applications selecting 9 projects to be funded. Next deadline to apply to TFC Film Fund is Mat 16 2013 Read full article

April 27, 2013

"The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars" wins @ Tribeca FF

"The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars", completely shot in Trentino's Val di Fassa, won Tribeca Film Festival's Best Narrative Short award! Read full article

March 19, 2013

Trentino at Tribeca Film Festival!

The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars, completely shot in Val di Fassa's Dolomites thanks to the support of Trentino Film Commission, after being selected for Academy Awards' short list, will now participate in New York’s Tribeca Film festival. Read full article

January 31, 2013

Trentino hosts Masterchef tv show on Sass Pordoi

An episode of the Italian edition of Masterchef is set in Pordoi, the so called “Dolomites’ ledge”. Read full article

January 29, 2013

Trentino is the set of "Romeo e Giulietta" TV series

Romeo and Juliet’s TV series is produced by Lux Vide for Mediaset. An Italy-Spain co-production, with the support of Trentino Film Commission, featuring Martín Rivas and Alessandra Mastronardi Read full article

January 09, 2013

Filming in Trentino: Valle del Chiese is the set for a movie

In Valle del Chiese, a valley in South-West Trentino, Claudio Noce and its crew are starting the shooting of “La Foresta di ghiaccio”. This new C. Noce’s movie is produced by Rai Cinema and Ascent Film and supported by Trentino Film Commission and MIBAC Read full article

December 28, 2012

Trentino Film Commission: an overview on 2012

2012: 17 Italian & international productions shot in Trentino; one in competition at Sundance Film Festival, another in Academy awards short-list. Read full article

December 10, 2012

A movie shot in Trentino is in Academy awards’ short list!

"The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars" is a movie produced by Silvia Bizio and Paola Porrini Bisson for Oh!Pen and Donkadillo Films, and shot in Trentino, with the support of Trentino Film Commission and Trentino Marketing. Read full article

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