An “ICT Village” dedicated to ICT, innovation and training

Trentino invests about € 80 million every year in new tech research. In recent years, Trentino has also invested economic and human resources in the field of ICT with a mid-long term strategic perspective.

For this reason, Trentino is today counted among the leaders in this sector, with a concentration of more than 950 active enterprises, 4.500 employees and 800 researchers. Of course, with figures such as these, leveraging potential synergies can result in significant competitive advantages for enterprises and the territory as a whole.

Therein lies the inspiration for the ambitious “ICT Village”, which will soon be built close to the Provincial capital, Trento. The new village will occupy the industrial area of the former cement-factory in Piedicastello, which until quite recently played an important role in the economic life of the city. Plans are for this area to contribute once again to the Trento’s prosperity, but this time through innovation and training, starting from the planned education cluster and the ICT dedicated industrial district. 

In these post-industrial spaces, enterprises will be able to find synergies and develop a critical mass in a sector characterised by a high degree of technological innovation. The ICT Village will be the place dedicated to the experimentation of innovative services on a large scale, involving a high number of end-users in order to evaluate the impact of innovation in contexts simulating real life-conditions, thanks to the technological infrastructures available.

ICT and Trentino
Trentino's yearly investment in new Tech € 80 M
Active enterprises in ICT field in Trentino 950
Employees working in ICT field 4.500
ICT researchers 800

[Source: Statistics Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento]

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